Iowa coupon database

Iowa coupon database

Justia Patents Data Processing: Remote sensing device, system, and method utilizing smartphone hardware components. Patent number: A remote sensing device, system and method is described. The remote sensing device includes an enclosure, a smartphone, and a microcontroller. The smartphone is fixedly coupled to the enclosure.

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Justia Patents Data Processing: Remote sensing device, system, and method utilizing smartphone hardware components. Patent number: A remote sensing device, system and method is described. The remote sensing device includes an enclosure, a smartphone, and a microcontroller. The smartphone is fixedly coupled to the enclosure. The microcontroller is communicatively coupled to the smartphone.

The microcontroller includes a power management module, a controller, and a wireless sensor network. The power management module is electrically coupled to an auxiliary battery that powers the smartphone. The controller is communicatively coupled to smartphone and the controller controls the power management module. The wireless sensor network includes a wireless communication interface that is different from the smartphone wireless communication interface.

The remote sensing system includes a remote sensing component, a network module such as a web application server, and a database. The network module is communicatively coupled to the wide area network and receives sensor signal output and a timestamp from the smartphone. June 6, Date of Patent: July 26, David Curtis Gaw. Systems, methods, and apparatus for reverse geocoding.

Some embodiments described herein relate to reverse geocoding using, for example, real estate parcel data. In some embodiments one or more location records can be received, for example, from a location record database associated with a real estate mapping service. Each location record can identify or otherwise be uniquely associated with a closed shape, such as a two-dimensional polygon, circle, or other boundary that can, for example, define the metes and bounds of a real estate parcel.

Geolocation data that represents a location of a mobile communication device can also be received. The geolocation data can map to a location within a shape and the location record associated with that shape can be selected. March 12, July 19, Brian E. Crook, Khoa Doan, Gary K. Ng, Chris G. Nicotra, Marc J. Systems and methods for searching cloud-based databases.

Systems and methods for searching cloud-based databases are provided herein. A service provider may have a need to make their database s searchable through search technology. However, the service provider may not have the resources to implement such search technology. The search technology may allow for search queries against these cloud-based databases. The technology described herein provides a solution addressing the service provider s need, by giving a search technology that furnishes search results in a fast, accurate manner.

In further embodiments, systems and methods to monetize those search results are also described herein. May 8, July 12, SoundHound, Inc. Keyvan Mohajer. Video stream management for remote graphical user interfaces. Embodiments enable display updates other than a video stream in a graphical user interface GUI to be rendered, encoded, and transmitted exclusive of the video stream. A virtual machine generates a GUI that includes an encoded video stream and other display updates.

The rendered display updates are encoded and transmitted to a client for display. The encoded video stream, or a modified e. For example, the encoded video stream may be selectively transmitted to the client based on the performance capabilities of the client. November 1, June 21, VMware, Inc. Alexei Kruglikov, Dustin Michael Byford. Geofiltering for content by location. In one embodiment, a method receives a first request from a user device for content.

First geolocation information for the user device is determined. The method facilitates a determination whether the first geolocation information complies with a geographical restriction associated with the content. Then, the method receives second geolocation information provided by the user device from a media server that received a second request for the content from the user device and a token generated based on the first geolocation information complying with the geographical restriction.

A determination whether the second geolocation information complies with the geographical restriction associated with the content is facilitated where the determination causes a message indicating whether to allow or deny the second request to be sent to the media server. November 15, December 1, Alexander V. Gutarin, Andrew Imam.

Network of tags. Systems and methods are disclosed for communicating product or service information to a potential purchaser. A barcode is generated on the smartphone by combining the product or service code and the advertisement promotion code with information from the smartphone associated with the product or service and with an advertiser code that uniquely identifies the first user. The barcode is communicated to a communication device of a second user that is the potential purchaser of the product or service.

When the communication device is presented to a point of sale POS terminal, the terminal scans the barcode, decodes the barcode, and compensates the first user according to the advertisement promotion code. December 30, November 3, Peter Lupoli, Jay Kesan. Secured point-of-sale transaction system. The present invention relates to a secured transaction system. In one embodiment, a point-of-sale POS system includes an input module configured to receive a transaction description from a mobile client device, an encryption engine configured to generate an encrypted transaction description using the transaction description from the mobile client device, and a communication module configured to transmit the encrypted transaction description for processing.

January 31, September 8, Xia Dai. Multidimensional personal behavioral tomography. A method and computer program product for identifying attributes of customers and potential customers, allowing marketing to be directed at such consumers. Information is received regarding each of a number of consumers. This information can include demographic information, data regarding spending habits, and information as to how such attributes may have changed over time.

Once attributes have been determined, and any changes over time to such attributes have been determined, a correlation of the attributes is performed. Such combined attributes are denoted as composite dimensions. Given the composite dimensions, as well as attributes that may not have been correlated with any other attributes, consumers are plotted in the resulting multi-dimensional space.

Sets of consumers that appear to be grouped in this multi-dimensional space are then identified. Common attributes of this consumer group are identified. Unique attributes of a given consumer in such a group are also identified. September 29, July 21, Alvarez, Iwao Fusillo. System and method of communicating with distributed marketplaces. A method of processing a specification may include receiving, by a home site, information regarding a search for at least one good or service, automatically generating, by the home site, a specification comprising a command block, an origin block and a routing block, based on the received information, and transmitting, by the home site, the specification to the one or more destination marketplaces.

One or more of the command block, the origin block and the routing block may include one or more domain-specific language instructions. The command block may include one or more instructions defining the search and one or more instructions defining one or more actions to perform with respect to results of the search. The origin block may include information identifying the home site. The routing block comprises information identifying one or more destination marketplaces.

April 12, June 9, Xerox Corporation. David R. Publication number: Methods, systems and device for verifying a transaction in a loyalty or advertising system are described.

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We are only aware of a single grocery store in Iowa which offesr double coupons. Double coupons are usually offered as an incentive to bring customers through the doors by offering to redeem the coupon for double the value that is listed on it. Grocery store policies regarding double coupons can change fairly frequently and vary even between stores that are from the same chain, so be sure to contact the local grocery store manager to verify their coupon policy. While we try to keep our grocery store double coupon list as up to date as possible, it is only as accurate as the information we get from readers like you. Along the same lines, if you are aware of other grocery stores which do offer double coupons that we have not listed, please let us know so we can add them. Your email address will not be published.

You will learn ways to use coupons more effectively, how to use facebook to save you money, how to read, understand and organize your coupons, 4 other ways to get coupons besides the newspaper, how to shop at your local stores, and much more!

Miriam Geller has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Facilitating embedded dynamic commercial offers. Patent number: A system that facilitates providing of commercial offers is described. During operation, this system receives financial information associated with a user of financial software.

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