Wkze deals

Wkze deals

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Ulster County resident Jerrice Baptiste has taught me an awful lot about maintaining a global perspective, but dissecting it through individuals, real people. The description of "Women of Note" pretty much sums it up: She has a gentle voice, but her passion for her topic reveals a strong determination to showcase success. I also learned a great deal from Baptiste following the 7.

Baptiste is a native of Haiti and lived there until she was She worked feverishly in the wake of that tragedy to locate relatives in Haiti, send them money and raise funds for victims in general. The strong bonds that Baptiste obviously maintains with her family reminded me of my own, extremely close, Irish-American siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Baptiste s latest project once again strikes at celebrating cultural diversity and the debt that all of us owe to strong women and mothers in general.

Because Mother s Day is Sunday, today seemed like a fine day to share the word on a page children s book Baptiste has published through Florida-based Educa Vision Inc. In the same manner that Baptiste offers cultural commentary on her radio program, providing depth to the music, her poetry is interspersed throughout the narrative, complementing the story of "Tu es ma belle" with a literary device that recalls a Shakespearean aside. Step into Baptiste s world. Your world might not seem exactly the same upon your return.

John W. Barry s column appears every Friday: Barry Poughkeepsie Journal.

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About Gift Certificates Gift Certificates are available for one-hour hypnosis sessions, to address all issues except Smoking Cessation. Everything except smoking? What is that about? Wouldn t it be wonderful if you could give someone you care for the gift of becoming a non-smoker? Yes, it certainly would be wonderful! Trouble is, in general it can t be done, and here s why:.

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Students will study with some of the top jazz musicians in the Hudson Valley and NYC area during rehearsals, master-classes, sectionals and performances. This ensemble is open to experienced singers in at least grade 8. All vocal types needed. You do not need to have jazz experience for this ensemble.

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Happy Restaurant Week y all!!!! The hard part is finding simple and direct ways to address them. Tickets go on sale Feb. Lancaster, PA — Tellus May 9: New Orleans -Gasa Gasa June

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January 17, January 10, January 3, December 27, Your message here - contact fybush. Click here! In most of those markets, Astral already had one FM signal, and the addition of the FMs that it also got from Telemedia meant that the AM chain had to be spun off. Now the stations are finally leaving the Astral fold and being transferred to Corus, which plans some big changes. The other half of the deal finds Astral picking up five Corus FMs.

In Dutchess Politics, Sex, Suicide And a Big Man Behind the Curtain

This is particularly rewarding, as it suggests that the GP brand, the campaigns of our statewide candidates reinforcing public attention on Row D, my own experience in office, and whatever recognition I have for my many years of activism in the district, and by most accounts my performance in debates, resonate much more strongly than celebrity and money. More on the data behind that coming below. Governor Jia Lee, Comptroller candidate Mark Dunlea, and Attorney General candidate Michael Sussman for their strong statewide campaigns that kept the Green Party a household name in New York, and helped provide legitimacy, and draw attention to, the down ticket races. Congratulations to Howie and Jia for bringing home, once again, ballot status for the GPNY that allows people in potentially winnable local races, and all of us seeking state and federal office, relative ease in getting on ballots through Speaking of debates, there were milestones there. I was invited to four high-profile debates, and was able to attend three of them.

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Offering magnificent ocean views from dining areas, surrounded by acres of wide open parklands, BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort, and its absolute beachfront location, is perfect for your next getaway. At the resort you can choose from Studio…. Sandstock Motor Inn is a charming quiet motel conveniently situated in the heart of Armidale, across the road from the award winning Armidale City Bowling Club. Easy walking distance to shopping malls, pubs, cafes, restaurants, parks and th…. If you are searching for good food, good music and a good time A typical friendly country pub, the Royal is a hive for all things country, offering not only accommodation or a cold beer but als…. De Russie Boutique Hotel is the perfect destination for the corporate or leisure traveller. They have single, twin, triple and family rooms available, with four large bathrooms to service the accommodation area with all rooms being within close proxi….

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Featured Stuff Win Free Tickets! Other Cities. Today Tomorrow. Events Today Tomorrow. Boston Venues Artists in Boston. The Joint Chiefs. Follow Unfollow. By the time they joined forces in , Eliot Osborn, Louise Lindenmeyr, and George Potts were already in command of their distinctly different musical personas: Potts, a powerfully clear tenor with a Lyle Lovett-like affection for fat free arrangements. Without really thinking about being a band, the three began to sing and play as one in a living room, wrapping themselves around " great songs… the kind that are so well written they are able to transcend the style in which they were originally conceived.

Karen Kisslinger has been practicing classical Chinese acupuncture and related healing arts for almost 30 years. Coming from a tradition which emphasizes preventive medicine and way of life, her work has involved much teaching and writing in recent years.

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What do you do at KZE? Butter pecan. Do you have any pets? We lost our favorite cat last year at a ripe old age and are petless at the moment. OR Can you share one quote or saying you love, that keeps you going in life? My Dad impressed upon me that the most important thing in any endeavor is showing up. I lived in Tucson after college and had a memorable meeting in a living room with a few activists one of whom was Ceasar Chavez. I had a short one on one with him and he told me I needed to know my community before I could represent that community. That influenced my decision to move back to northern Dutchess many years ago. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why? Someone who knew how to play guitar. Not being disciplined enough to learn to play is something I regret. Music, obviously. Have you ever collected stickers that are on fruits? We used to carry a line of postcards at the store that were wonderful illustrations from old fruit boxes.

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We enjoy living in the Hudson Valley surrounded by beauty, architecture and history and we understand the importance of land conservancy to help continue open space, rural life and farming. We offer expert local knowledge and understanding of the Dutchess and Columbia County real estate scene. This website is built to serve your needs. Everything you need is here to let you search by mapping, by listings, or MLS numbers. We invite you to explore for yourself, register with us and save or share your favorite properties. If you are listing a property, we have an exceptional marketing program that has excellent outcomes. We specialize in putting your property in front of qualified customers — no matter what size, amenities, style or acreage. Over a decade of experience in the luxury real estate market has given us specialized expertise. We market on more than websites, on our own much-visited website and on other brokerage firms websites.

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For those who thought the fight to keep John McCain off the Republican ballot played out like a grand political potboiler, try this one. Longtime Republican boss who resembles a latter-day Marlon Brando is indicted on corruption charges. One of the boss s former allies drowns in the Hudson River. Another former ally videotapes two women engaged in lesbian trysts at a water-pumping station, later asks one to murder the other, according to court documents, then tries to commit suicide himself. Oh, and the boss s son? He loses to an unknown Democrat in his re-election race for county clerk by 59 votes, then forces an unprecedented do-over vote in one remote town with the support of the Republican elections commissioner, who happens to be his father. At a hearing today in Brooklyn, a state appellate court heard arguments from lawyers for the Democratic candidate for county clerk, Richard Anderson, to reverse a lower court s decision and let the November results stand, canceling the repeat vote in the Town of Northeast scheduled for Tuesday. A decision is expected on Friday, and further appeals are still possible. A new election would give a second chance to the Republican incumbent, William L. Paroli Jr.

VIDEO ON THEME: It’s a Long Way to the Top - AC/DC cover Tash Neal @ Brooklyn Bowl 12/8/18
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