Rugby player sponsorship deals

Rugby player sponsorship deals

Rugby player sponsorship deals

Partnering with us and a first team squad member can assist you with your brand awareness, product launches and to be part of your strategic sales and marketing strategy. So many of our existing Player Sponsors continue to renew year-on-year due to the service they receive from our Commercial team whilst clearly appreciating the benefits of their association with a first-team player and all that it can deliver for their business profile. All players are now sponsored for the season. We believe we can make a difference to your business and hope to have the opportunity to work with you. Register now to receive regular updates from St. Helens R.

From footballers in boxers to big-bucks sponsorship deals

LawInSport is a knowledge hub, educational platform and global community of people working in or with an interest in sport and the law. The financial rewards available to professional athletes from entering into brand endorsements are extensive. This article looks at some of the key factors that athletes should consider when negotiating an endorsement agreement, including:. Similarly, athletes should seek to ensure that, at the least, their endorsement contracts permit them to practise privately using third party products towards the end of an endorsement deal but not to promote the new products publicly until their current deal expires.

Brands may request the right to automatically renew or extend the endorsement. It is increasingly common to see brands enter into endorsement contracts in respect of specific short-term campaigns or even for just a single social media post. This allows brands to ensure they are selecting an appropriate athlete for each individual campaign, rather than having to create multiple campaigns around an athlete with whom they have a long-term deal. In addition, athletes should consider the following:.

Many brands prefer to pay a lower base fee in exchange for higher performance bonuses if the athlete is successful. Such appointments would bring significant exposure to the player and justify a bonus being paid. Modern brands expect greater detail on the ROI of their endorsements and sponsorships against their marketing objectives, so an athlete who is able to over-deliver on expected exposure should be rewarded appropriately.

Given this, athletes should ensure that they or their agents are tracking the impact and value of their own social media activity and, and as top athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo 1 become considerably more popular on social media than their own clubs, top athletes should consider utilising the services of the numerous agencies who offer media value analysis and tracking for rights holders.

Having evidence of the media value of their personal brand allows athletes to structure their range of endorsements in a way that best exploits that brand, as those athletes who are able to properly understand the core demographics and interests of their personal fan-base will be able to target and demonstrate the real value of endorsement deals with aligned brands. Athletes should always speak to their financial adviser regarding the tax treatment of any endorsement agreement in all relevant jurisdictions.

Firstly, some athletes may have image rights companies through which they enter into endorsement deals. The issues relating to image rights structures are outside the scope of this article, but an athlete should always take professional advice if using such a structure. If the athlete is to attend promotional appearances then all costs should be covered. Key points to consider in relation to products which are to be used in competition are:. This matters for both practical and reputational reasons, including:.

If the product is food, drink or nutrition-related then it is also imperative that the brand guarantees that the products will not breach or cause the athlete to breach regulations such as the WADA Code. Association with a world-class athlete: This might be particularly relevant where a well-known athlete is promoting a challenger brand or product. Performance of new products: On the other hand, some world-class athletes request that technical suppliers commit to providing free hours of research and development to develop a new product that provides the athlete with a performance advantage.

We have also seen athletes seek the right to use alternative third party products or terminate a contract if independent testing demonstrates that a third party product provides superior performance. In particularly serious cases, the athlete may also opt to terminate the agreement. Ultimately the commercial context will dictate how far an athlete is able to push these points. Athletes tend to have busy global schedules. These negotiations generally centre around the adverse interests of a brand wanting to protect their investment against as many potential competitors as possible, and an athlete wanting to ensure that their future ability to endorse other products is not unnecessarily restricted.

As an example, a brand such as Coca-Cola might look to restrict an athlete from signing endorsement deals with any other drinks brand. Ideally an athlete would only be restricted from actively promoting competing products during the term of the endorsement, rather than also being restricted from discussing but not entering into a future endorsement with a competitor. In addition, athletes must consider whether the exclusivity obligations placed on them need any carve-outs — as highlighted by the following examples of types of carve-out:.

However, his club has its own official audio partner and therefore: Here, the player should have ensured that any obligation on her not to drink rival products during matches expressly excluded situations where a tournament has an official and exclusive drinks product provided to competing players. Team sport athletes also need to check the obligations they owe to their team who may well be their employer.

The precise restrictions will depend on the specific playing contract for example, some high-profile footballers who transfer to a new club will have tailored carve-outs for existing endorsements , so before agreeing to any endorsement deal or promotional activity athletes should always ensure that they notify or obtain the required approval of their team, club or union of the brand activity or sometimes vice versa, as demonstrated by Michael Phelps, at the time an Under Armour athlete, appearing in Nike clothing on the front cover on Sports Illustrated to celebrate his Rio success 5.

Individual athletes are also not exempt from third party restrictions, however, particularly those who compete in competitions such as the Olympic Games. The draconian sponsor restrictions in place for Olympic athletes are beyond the scope of this article, but are well-covered across LawInSport 6 , and individual athletes should ensure that their endorsement deals include clauses which ensure they are not deemed to be in breach of contract by virtue of observing the rules and regulations of any competition in which they compete.

It is imperative that an athlete does not let their commercial endorsements affect their ability to deliver continued sporting success. Brands who partner with internationally-renowned athletes for the long-term may well take a more genuine interest in ensuring the continuing success of the athlete, but athletes of all profiles should bear in mind the following principles:. Similarly, the duration any appearance should be stated on a basis that is inclusive of travel time, so the athlete has certainty.

As brands strive for the most engaging content possible there is a natural tendency towards filming more active, dynamic content. Athletes should first always consider whether any particularly active promotional activity is permitted by their playing contract and, if it is, whether it requires additional insurance. If so, the brand should be asked to procure and pay for any additional cover. However, each athlete needs to ensure that he or she is able to control how their image is used.

A right of approval relating image use and promotional activations should be non-negotiable for athletes. Generally, an individual athlete will grant use of his image in whichever channels the brand wishes e. However, athletes should ensure they are being paid fair value for the use of the image. With the brand and athlete focused on their exciting new partnership, issues regarding the end of the relationship are likely to be the most difficult issues to discuss, yet these are arguably the most important parts of the contract and the most likely to be reconsidered in the event of a dispute.

Generally, athletes should avoid accepting termination rights linked to poor on-field performance or injury. The athlete should argue that if a brand is to participate in the upside of success, it must stick by the athlete if more difficult periods occur. This allows the athlete to try and make up for periods of injury by participating in more tournaments at other times of the year, if necessary. As general principles, an athlete should:.

Ideally, any termination right should be limited to black and white matters such as criminal sanctions excluding minor motoring offences or anti-doping violations, but this is not likely to be sufficient for most brands;. For example, if the media criticises an athlete for an on-pitch act that is within the laws of the relevant sport perhaps for poor sportsmanship , then this should not be sufficient to trigger the clause;. Social media and the prevalence of video and clip content has allowed athletes to become rights holders in their own right and to develop and promote their personal brands to a greater extent than ever before.

These trends show no sign of slowing up and as athletes continue to have more opportunities to enter into bespoke endorsements with brands who demand a measurable return on their investment, athletes would do well to bear in mind the key considerations set out above. Steve Smith dumped as Weet-bix Kid bbc. Joe is a senior associate at onside law who specialises in commercial law in the sports sector. His particular focus is advising rights holders on contractual matters relating to the exploitation of their commercial and media rights, high-value sponsorship agreements and the delivery of international sporting events.

He acts on a wide range of commercial matters for international federations, national governing bodies, clubs, individuals and agencies, including World Rugby, the ECB, Saracens, Team Sky and a Premier League football club. Features Books Podcasts Videos. Law Firms. Advertise Your Practice. Advertise Your Course. Cases Sports Tribunal of New Zealand. Remember Me. Log in. Already a member? Thank you for your interest and support. About LawInSport LawInSport is a knowledge hub, educational platform and global community of people working in or with an interest in sport and the law.

Key points for athletes to consider before signing a sponsorship agreement Print. This article looks at some of the key factors that athletes should consider when negotiating an endorsement agreement, including: About the Author. Joe Tompkins Joe Tompkins: Senior Associate, Onside Law Joe is a senior associate at onside law who specialises in commercial law in the sports sector. Leave a comment Please login to leave a comment. Official partners.

Sponsorship of Your Community Rugby Club

Sponsorship is undoubtedly one of the key sources of income for all clubs, irrespective of their size. Without a successful sponsorship programme, the clubs will struggle to reach their income targets. Sponsorship is when a person or business supports a person, group of people or sporting club this could be financially or in kind in an activity which provides a profit for the recipient. In return, the sponsor usually receives some business benefit, although philanthropic sponsorship does exist. In the past, many businesses that have been connected to a club have supported it through sponsorship without wanting anything back from it.

Colm Keys Twitter Email.

The answer is we can get your name, company and brand seen by 1, s on a monthly basis as we attract visitors from all over Scotland as they use the facilities we now offer in the club. Youth rugby attracts supporting parents and coaches from across Scotland s rugby clubs who all are at the club for a couple of hours, using the facilities and browsing the advertising and marketing of your business. Nowadays web and social media is an ideal way to get your business noticed and all our Sponsors will get their business promoted and seen by our visitors but equally the links we provide back to your website helps promote it s ranking via search engines. We tailor a package each year for the Main Club Sponsor and we also have options available for the Youth and Mini sections of the club.

Rugby vs. football: How the sponsors reflect the sport

Each of our packages are fully flexible, customisable and bespoke. Please browse through our selection of options available for platinum sponsors and then build your own package. Sponsoring a player unlocks a world of perks to promote your business. These include:. To accompany these fantastic benefits is our players sponsors evening.


Premier Rugby, the umbrella organisation responsible for the 12 elite rugby clubs in England, has appointed several new sponsors and partners for the new Zurich Premiership season. Muller and Land Rover have both signed sponsorship deals and join Zurich, Gilbert and Sportscard as official sponsors of Premier Rugby. Muller, the UK s leading yoghurt and pot dessert manufacturer, has announced a one-year sponsorship deal with all twelve Premier Rugby clubs to become the official snack food partner. We are proud to be the official snack food partner of Premier Rugby and look forward to the season ahead. Land Rover have long dominated the 4x4 vehicle sector in the UK and Many other countries, and are known for the rugged durability and go-anywhere capability of their products. The ownership profile of their vehicles has many cross overs with followers of Rugby Union. Land Rover supported the game earlier this year by becoming official vehicle sponsor to the Lions tour of Australia. The Land Rover sponsorship deal covers nine clubs it excludes those with existing car sponsorship deals and is a one year deal. The attributes that our products are famous for - guts, toughness and an intelligent ability to conquer obstacles - form a natural link with the game.

Rugby Players Gathering of Sponsors

This club is as awesome off the rugby field as they are on it. Want to support the club? Welcome aboard lads! Our latest club partners are out of New York State, the Saratoga rugby club! The club has been growing quickly over the past few years and we are pleased to support them. We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Tyler Hoplites rugby club.

Player Sponsorships

Risk everything, all in or nothing , the game before the game. Sound familiar? Leave your families, sell your soul, risk your lives. This language was aggressive, fearless and came from the biggest and most recognized names in sports. The Adidas vs. Questions were raised like: Who got the most re-tweets? Creating a meaningful campaign To succeed in a hugely crowded market of sponsors, brands must become more meaningful than ever. They need to shape this meaning through the sharing of stories, and spread the message with individuals. Conversation must be evocative and created with social groups.

Rugby sponsors benefit from impact on and off field

The Camden Rugby Club is one of the most reputable and respected clubs in the Illawarra Rugby competition. A fourteen club competition stretching as far south as Vincentia, as far north as Engadine, and as far west as Bowral, the competition covers an area hosting a population as dense as ,00 people. Since , the Camden Rams family has consisted of a passionate band of players, supporters and sponsors, who have developed a culture renowned for being community focused. Whether it be on the field defending our line or off the field coaching our juniors, each and every person is proud to call Camden their club. We have enjoyed immense success in the past couple of seasons, winning the Illawarra District 1st Grade premiership in and making the Grand Final again in In 2nd Grade secured yet another premiership. This has built great interest in the local community and brought strong crowds to our home games. This year the Camden Rugby Club invites you and your business to be part of this culture and sponsor your local club. We place a great deal of importance in supporting those who support us.

Did you know Manchester United had an official mattress partner?

IRFU seeking new All Ireland League sponsor

Please contact our Sponsors Club co-ordinator, who would be happy to talk through any options, on or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Packages can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. All cheques payable to Ayr Rugby Football Club. All sponsorship opportunities are for one season unless otherwise stated. Join Now. Youth Rugby. Rugby Academy. Sponsors Club. Hall of Fame. Sponsorship Opportunities. Board 16ft x 2ft pitch side 10ft x 2ft rear of stand — permanently fitted. Listed in all 1st XV match programmes. Listed on sponsors page on the Ayr RFC website and link to your website. Listed against player on their profile page on the Ayr RFC website.

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Acknowledging there is no quick fix to achieve comprehensive transformation Connect is a truly hands-on initiative , working directly with the Khayelitsha community and beyond to provide access to opportunities and resources, inside and outside sport. This is achieved through our dedicated training, nutritional and transport programmes. Game of pool, anyone? Our very own hustler, Newman, even brings his own table! Those that earn their place in our elite system benefit from our relationships with other academies and schools, giving them a consistent platform to make the most of their talent. Wherever they play, Connect will provide the support they need all the way. Here, catch! See how you can change a young rugby player s life: Congrats to continental cousins, Kenya! Fiji haven t been stepped like that since Qhama in Cape Town Singapore7s pic. Children and their families from more privileged backgrounds can afford to take these three things, and more, for granted. For the youngsters in Connect, however, your extra support is absolutely vital to their life chances on and off the rugby field.

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