Ford young driver deals

Ford young driver deals

Buying your first car can be a daunting task, particularly with such a wide variety of choice on used car forecourts. We ve chosen a range of cars for young drivers that will suit any budget, including a few used cars as well as new ones. Plus, there are lease prices too. Scroll down to read about all of our best cars for new drivers, or click on the quick links below to jump to your favourites: MINI Hatch 2.

The five cheapest cars for teens to insure – and what they actually drive

Compare quotes for cheap car insurance for young drivers from multiple insurance companies. Getting your hands on cheaper car insurance for young drivers can be tricky, but we ve got a few hints and tips that might help you out. As a young driver, getting car insurance at the right price and with the right level of cover can be frustrating. The cost of young drivers insurance can be high, but cutting corners could mean buying a policy that offers inadequate protection.

Over four out of five fatal casualties for young car drivers happened on rural roads. The riskiest time for collisions was between late evening to early morning, especially on the weekends. We don t want to worry you, but statistics like this are part of the reason why car insurance for young drivers is so high — insurers see this age group as high risk. With this in mind, we ve cobbled together some info to try and help you find a better deal on your car insurance quote.

According to Matt Oliver, GoCompare s car insurance expert: If a quote seems too good to be true, that s because it probably is. There are three main reasons why young drivers have to pay a lot for their car insurance: Driving experience is a major factor when it comes to getting a car insurance quote. The more time you spend on the road, the better your driving s likely to be.

Drivers with more experience have a proven track record so long as they stay conviction and claim free. As a result, they get a no claims bonus , which is a discount on the price of their car insurance. Young drivers have a reputation for causing more accidents than any other age group. And this is backed up by statistics from the Welsh government. The data revealed that out of 1, people that were killed or seriously injured in car accidents, of these were young drivers, aged between 16 to This means insurance companies pay out more in claims for young drivers, and so charge more for insurance cover.

Car insurance premiums are based on risk — in other words, how likely it is that an insurer will have to pay out on a claim. Insurers will look at your quote details: They ll then decide what to charge. Young drivers have more accidents and experience more car security issues, such as theft and vandalism. While higher prices are the norm for younger drivers, there are some things you can do to lower your insurance costs. Check out our top tips for cutting the cost of car insurance.

But here s a few things young drivers may want to focus on:. Get a car with a small engine — for example a 1. You ll also pay less Vehicle Excise Duty often called road tax if your car has a small engine capacity. Modifications upgrades to styling, audio or performance may look good, but for the younger driver they may mean a big increase in the price of car insurance. Alloy wheels, body kits and performance upgrades make vehicles more attractive to car thieves. Modified cars also tend to be more expensive to fix than ordinary cars.

Adding another driver with a clean licence and several years claim-free driving to your policy could reduce your premium. Just make sure you get consent from the person s who you d like to add. That way, they ll know to declare that they have access to another car when getting their own insurance. If you say the other person is the main driver because they have a better driving history, you re committing fraud.

This is known as fronting , and you could invalidate your insurance, at the very least. If you only drive at set times of the year, perhaps during term time, then let your insurance company know. To lower the risk of having an accident, avoid driving in rush hour and limit your annual mileage. A telematics car insurance policy works by using an installed black box, plug-in or mobile phone app to monitor your driving.

It then uses data gathered as the basis for setting your insurance premium. Such policies are available for drivers of all ages, but are thought to be especially beneficial for safe, young drivers who are struggling to find competitive quotes. The feedback you receive could also be seen as a valuable form of education to help improve your driving.

Some insurance companies may reduce your premium if you agree to limit your driving to certain hours of the day. Consider improving your vehicle s security. Fit an alarm or immobiliser and — if you have alloy wheels — invest in locking wheel nuts. If you can, park your car in a safe spot overnight. Parking off the road can lower the chance of your car being vandalised or stolen. Read more in our article on overnight parking and car insurance.

Choosing a higher voluntary excess when you take out your policy will usually reduce the price of your insurance. Don t choose an amount you can t readily afford though. If you make a claim, you may have to pay that excess before the garage will give your car back. Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers. Bear in mind that you ll need to pay for the course and you may not recoup the costs, but your driving should improve.

Read our article on advanced driving courses for more information on Pass Plus and other courses that may prove beneficial. The easiest way to reduce your car insurance costs is to improve your reputation and driving record by staying conviction free, avoiding speeding, and building up a no claims discount. Other things you can do are:. If you can afford to do so in one whack, pay for your insurance upfront when you take out the policy rather than by monthly instalments in order to avoid interest charges.

If you have a car that s not worth much, consider third party, fire and theft rather than comprehensive cover. The car may only be worth a bit more than the excess on your policy. Pay close attention to the options, though. Third-party insurance generally offers much lower levels of cover, and may not necessarily be cheaper. Make sure you re not paying for policy benefits you don t really need. For example, legal assistance or courtesy car cover may not be essential to you.

Choose the cover you need and compare lots of premiums using an unbiased comparison site Like us! Some insurers will be more competitive than others for different drivers, vehicles and regions. So bear in mind there s no such thing as a best young driver car insurance policy for every driver — it s more about finding the right policy to suit your individual needs. GoCompare uses cookies. By using the website you agree with our use of cookies. Continue Find out how to manage cookies and view our policy here.

Young drivers car insurance Compare quotes for cheap car insurance for young drivers from multiple insurance companies Young drivers aged have a better chance of finding the right deal by comparing You can easily compare quotes from both telematics and standard options Advanced driving courses and improving vehicle security could help reduce your premiums. Car insurance for young drivers — why is it so expensive? Key points Young drivers car insurance is notoriously expensive, and is usually costly due to inexperience, reputation and risk Driving without insurance is illegal, and you risk having your licence revoked Follow our tips for help in getting the right cover and keeping the price affordable.

Need more information? Car insurance guides. See also: Multi-car insurance policies Short-term motor insurance New drivers car insurance Classic car insurance Learner driver car insurance. Did you know? Adding an experienced driver to your policy could reduce your premium The easiest way to reduce your car insurance costs is to improve your reputation and driving record by staying conviction free, avoiding speeding, and building up a no claims discount Matt Oliver, GoCompare s car insurance expert.

Young Drivers Insurance

Just add fuel is a scheme run by Peugeot that includes all the costs of owning a car in the monthly payment for the car. That means insurance, road tax, servicing and roadside assistance are all covered. At this point, the customer can either pay off this value to own the car, use the value of the car as a deposit to put towards a new vehicle, or they can simply hand the car back to the dealer, leaving them free to buy something else. The Just Add Fuel package is exclusive to Peugeot. For further ease, the finance deals are all set to a three-year agreement and the deposit amount is fixed — okay for some, but it might not suit those who prefer to tailor a finance package precisely to their own taste. On carwow you can easily compare the best new car offers from local dealers and national dealers.

The Ford Fiesta is a very popular car, and one of the most common on UK roads.

You can go wherever you want, whenever you want… without having to touch a bus timetable! Did you know: Find out more. Our pick of the 5 most affordable cars for young drivers There are a few factors which effect how affordable a car is. With engine sizes between 1. The 1.

Ford Fiesta insurance rates

The frequently asked questions page provides answers to the most commonly asked questions from New Car Buyers visiting our website. Our how it works page provides customers who are interested in buying a new car with a detailed explanation of the process. The UK Car Discount About Us page provides a summary of our no hassle no haggle approach to buying your next new car online. An explanation of how to pay the deposit to order your new vehicle and details of how to pay the final balance following receipt. As well as being able to buy your new car via outright purchase we also offer Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase options. An explanation of how to buy your next new car from uk car discount with details of the process.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Top 5 CHEAP AND FAST Cars For Young Drivers (Under £3,000 & Sub-30 Insurance Group!)

Just add fuel new car deals

This site uses cookies to give you the best experience, as explained in our cookie policy. The Ford Fiesta has been celebrated as being Britain s best top-selling car of all time and there s plenty of reasons to see why. It s safe and cheap to run but absolutely brilliant to drive too. There really is a Fiesta to suit every budget and taste. Best of all you can get your hands on a brand new Ford Fiesta with a low deposit and free insurance or a contribution towards insurance. The Fiesta has an undisputed reputation across the board for being a fun and lively car to drive. The steering is light which makes the car nimble and easy to nip around town. The controls are easy to use and the brakes are powerful which together give you a real sense of confidence behind the wheel. With a striking, sporty design, the Fiesta is instantly recognisable.

The best first cars for young drivers

Buying your first car is one of the rites of passage to adulthood, and once you ve passed your driving test, you ll want your own wheels as soon as possible. However, buying and running a car can be expensive, so the best way to maximise how far your money goes is to get a car that s affordable, economical and with cheap insurance. Here we ve listed 10 of the best new cars for new drivers. They are small enough to be manageable - new drivers will be able to position them easily on the road - but offer some luxuries to keep new drivers safe and connected, too. They re also good to drive, which will help new drivers to build confidence with every mile.

Young drivers car insurance

Are you a young driver with a fast car? We re specialists in both, so enquiries for sports and high performance cars aren t a problem, even if you re under Get an online quote. We can insure most high performance and sports cars. Here s just a small selection of coupes, convertibles and hot hatches we can insure. Contact us with details of your make and model for a quote. BMW M3 Evo. Nissan Skyline R Subaru Impreza WRX. Ford Escort Cosworth.

Young Driver Ford Options Programme

Leave us your question or questions below, and we will get back to you with an answer within 4 working hours. Enter your questions here. Please enter your questions below. Select your chosen location. Please select an option. Enter your name. Enter your name in the box. Enter your Telephone Number. A telephone number is required. Enter your Email Address.

Compare quotes for cheap car insurance for young drivers from multiple insurance companies.

Ford Offer Free Sat Nav And Insurance

A car can grant young drivers the key to unlock their freedom. Choosing the right car can help reduce the odds of an accident, while also reducing that all-important insurance cost too. You can also see our recommendations on the best first cars , focusing on a low price and low insurance costs as well as a separate list of the cheapest cars to insure. Best car for young drivers sharing with their parents. By programming a separate key in the car, its top speed can be limited, the volume of the stereo can be limited and all sound turned off if a seatbelt is not fastened. You can also prevent anyone from tapping an address into the sat-nav if the vehicle is moving. Ford Fiesta buying guide. Best car for young drivers looking for cheap insurance. You ve found the ideal car and then you look at the cost of insurance - which can be just as expensive as your finance payments. You have to be 18 or over to qualify, and new drivers will also need to have a black box fitted to their car, which monitors things like the speed that you take corners, the heaviness of your braking and observance of speed limits. Your insurance will be cancelled if you get four warnings for bad driving. For even cheaper monthly payments, Just Add Fuel is also available for the smaller Peugeot Peugeot buying guide. Two tall teenagers will easily get comfortable in the back, and even three in a row is a much better option than taking the bus.

Young Drivers of Canada at Maitland Ford

Low initial purchase, fuel efficiency, and insurance costs are the key priorities for young drivers looking into the car market. It can often be the case that young drivers set their heart on a specific car, only to find that their car insurance quote is above and beyond what they can realistically afford. To save yourself any hassle, you should look for cars that are in a low insurance group, to keep costs as low as possible. Car insurance groups are rated from 1 — 50 with 1 being the cheapest and 50 the most expensive. For example, cars that sit in insurance group 1 include the Seat Mii S 1. Though attractive, these will be difficult to insure within your first few years on the road. Car tax is another important consideration when looking for the best car for young drivers. Vehicles registered after the 1st March are taxed based on their CO2 emissions, whilst vehicles registered prior to the 21st March are taxed based on engine size only. In other words, you can expect a like-for-like car registered after the 1st March to be more fuel efficient.

The best first cars for young drivers

Buying your first car is an exciting experience, and the good news is that there are some excellent new cars on sale today that fit the bill for new and young drivers. Finding the right first car is still a challenge, though. The options may be plentiful, but there are a lot of things that could make a big difference in how much it will cost to own. Crucially, a first car has to be cheap to insure. Drivers with little or no experience behind the wheel are much more likely to be involved in an accident than older motorists who have racked up miles. Insurance costs can be crippling, which is why it makes sense to go for a first car in one of the lowest insurance groups possible. UK insurance groups range from 1 lowest to 50 highest , and a first car should be in single figures, ideally in group 5 or lower. Small hatchbacks make the best first cars; they don t need a big engine, so are generally much cheaper to buy, run and insure than larger models, such as SUVs. In addition, younger drivers looking to buy their first car typically do not need the space of a large family hatchback , so smaller cars make more sense. Most modern small cars that have petrol engines with capacities of 1. What Car? If you re on a tight budget for your first car, the temptation is often to go for the cheapest used example you can find. While these may be inexpensive to buy, bangers will almost certainly be more expensive to run and many won t have the safety features of modern cars, such as automatic emergency braking AEB , which is a concern. Buying or leasing your first car via a finance package is generally a much better method.

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