Digital tv converter coupon application

Digital tv converter coupon application

Digital tv converter coupon application

At midnight on February 17, , analog television signals stopped broadcasting over the airwaves in the U. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. I am unable to afford converter boxes I need five. Me,wife,3 kids are living on ssi and cannot afford to purchase. Please help us in anyway. I live on ssi n cant afford to get a digital box n i cant afford cable so can i still get the box for free or a coupon.

Digital TV Converter Box

Search thousands of topics on CostHelper. On June 12, , all television stations in the US began transmitting only digital signals and stopped broadcasting analog ones. Because of this switch from analog to digital, over-the-air, analog television sets that are not connected via cable, satellite, or other pay TV service now require a digital-to-analog converter box. Having a digital converter box will allow an older analog television set to receive digital television picture reception from over-the-air broadcasts.

The converter box is connected between the television and antenna. Typical costs: Related articles: The digital-to-analog converter box. A remote control with batteries. Additional costs: An antenna is still required to be used with a digital converter box in order to receive digital broadcasts. Deluxe digital converter models are not eligible. Only basic boxes are eligible according to government rules [ 4 ].

Shopping for a digital converter box: A list of vendors online and retail store fronts can be found on dtv The DTV Coupon that is sent in the mail after one applies also includes a list of local retailers where the coupon can be used. A few online retailers also offer a very basic discounted antenna as part of a promotion when buying a DTV converter box.

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NTIA Launches DTV Converter Box Coupon Program

These converter boxes will be available in retail stores during the transition. Department of Commerce has been directed by Congress to set up a program that will allow households to obtain coupons that can be applied toward the purchase of digital-to-analog converter boxes. Between January 1, and March 31, , you can request a coupon while supplies last in one of four ways:. The consumer contact center will operate in six languages in addition to English: The contact center will be accessible for hearing-impaired persons through a TTY number. The contact center and website can help answer questions you may have about obtaining and redeeming coupons, checking the status of your coupon request, and other issues.

The date for converting from analog to digital TV is right around the corner. The government is offering coupons for people who need a converter box.

You can read more about Mr. Starting last month the Treasury began sending economic stimulus payments to more than million households. You must have filed a tax return in order to receive a stimulus check. A converter box will be required to receive broadcasts unless you have cable or satellite. The Program allows U. How will receiving a stimulus check or coupon for a converter box affect your Medicaid or SSI Benefits?

Get a free digital converter box and HDMI cable

Joel Topcik: We are talking about how you can prepare for the digital TV transition. As we have learned, if you want to continue to receive over-the-air broadcast on your older analog only TVs, you will need a Digital-to-Analog Converter box. Did you know that the Federal Government has a coupon program to help you purchase these converter boxes at a discount? Meredith Attwell Baker: Well, you can apply now and we are going to be accepting applications for coupons up until March 31st,

Department Of Commerce Offers up to $80 to Help Seniors and Others Convert to HDTV

This is one of three options if you own an analog TV set. You can purchase a new TV that is equipped with a digital tuner or you can keep your current TV and connect to a converter box or pay TV service such as cable or satellite. You can still receive free television over the air with an antenna just like you do now as long as your TV either has a digital tuner or is connected to a converter box. Call DTV for more information on the coupon program. This is just one of your options if you currently use an antenna with an analog TV. You can also choose to purchase a new digital TV or subscribe to a pay TV service such as cable or satellite. If you choose to buy converter boxes, you will need one converter box for each analog TV. Every analog set has to be connected to a pay TV service or converter box to get a TV signal after February 17,

Wal-Mart Now Ready with TV Converter Boxes and Promised Low Price for Digital Transition

The analog-to-digital TV transition in the US started in the year LG and Philips will be showing off some of the first digital-to-analog converter boxes. Several million television sets are at risk of losing their signals after Feb. What this means is that if the change-over happens as scheduled, come February 17, millions and millions of households will be left viewing snow instead of TV programs. Is the digital-to-analog converter box coupon program still going.

DTV Converter Box Program Next In Line For A Bailout

As you probably know by now. When the digital television transition got pushed off last month to June 12, the bigger issue became how about getting those darn converter box coupons. Good news - the government on Tuesday announced that it will now allow people with expired coupons to apply for. Get the latest news and updates about your favorite coupon and promo deals. Information about digital TV conversion and how to improve over air digital TV. The NTIA said more than , people requested over 1 million of the coupons in the first 40 hours of the program. DTV digital to analog converter box converts over-the-air digital television signals for use with older standard definition TVs i. Program matches up those who need DTV converter box coupons with those who have extra. Learn how to the transition to digital tv will affect you and what the government is doing to.

Get $40 TV Digital Converter Box Coupons

Digital TV Conversion Per federal law, all "full-power" TV stations have ceased broadcasting in analog and now broadcast only in digital. Virtually all TV stations are full-power. If you have lost your signals, you ll need to take appropriate action for your TV service to resume. Note that you will have to take separate action for every TV set that has lost its TV signals. Also note that TV sets that lose reception should still work with gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players, and similar products without having to take any of the three actions above. When installing the converter box, the directions will instruct you to "scan" the channels to make sure the box picks up everything available. Since digital stations are becoming available regularly, and existing digital stations may be changing to different channel locations or adding subchannels over time, you should rescan on a periodic basis to get all of the digital programming available. Unfortunately, the Program is no longer accepting applications for coupons. If you need a coupon, you should ask friends, family members or neighbors if they have unexpired coupons that they don t need.

It s the season for bailouts and the digital television switch program is the latest to ask for a little help.

As all English-speaking peoples of the world know by now, the digital switchover is coming. Here s your chance to score a free converter box and cable for your analog TV. Still haven t picked up a converter box for your old non-digital TV? Meritline has a deal that s hard to beat: Also free: Also also free: And if all that s not good enough, you can double up on this deal: But it looks like it has everything you need to bring an analog TV into the Digital Age: To get the deal, you simply need to enter the digit DTV coupon number s and supply your credit card info. I m not sure when the deal expires, but I have a sneaking suspicion Meritline will sell out quickly.

The DTV coupon program will end on July 31, If you still need a converter box, see our new post and apply right away. As you probably know by now, TV as we know it will change next year as the airwaves go all-digital. Most stations now broadcast both analog and digital signals, but that will end February 17, , when a new law requires them to transmit only digitally. If you have an older non-digital TV that receives programming via rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna, you lll need to get a set-top converter box that can transform digital over-the-air broadcasts into analog signals that can be received by their TVs. But you have to request the coupons.

Imagine watching your favorite primetime TV program, when all of a sudden your analog TV screen goes to black…for good. There is still time to prevent this situation, as long as you know your options. On February 17, , all full-powered television stations will begin broadcasting only in digital, as required by law. To assist U. The Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of requires broadcasters to broadcast only in digital after February 17, Consumers have three options, which include 1 buying a converter box that will plug into their current analog TV, 2 buying a TV with a digital tuner or 3 connecting their analog TV to cable, satellite or other pay service. From now through March 31, , all U. Coupons will expire 90 days after they are mailed and cannot be replaced. The hearing impaired may call the TTY number for information in English, and for information in Spanish, consumers can call TTY number Coupon-eligible converter boxes are only available at certified stores and online retailers where televisions and other consumer electronics are sold, as well as by mail-order. When the coupon is mailed to you, it will include an insert with a list of nearby, participating retailers.

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